Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blue Car Tuesday

     The new guy had potential, even if he was an arrogant jerk. My father-in-law, who’d worked at the Fireman’s Fund Headquarters in Marin County for years, had a devilish sense of humor and decided to prank him.
     My wife’s parents lived in San Francisco, and her dad, like many of his coworkers, commuted across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County across the Bay. The new fellow, who’d just moved to the area, wanted to join my father-in-law’s car pool. 
     “There isn’t room,” he was told, “but you can follow behind us in your car.”  
     New guy did.
     When they approached the toll booth on the Golden Gate Bridge, my father-in-law paid for his car and told the toll booth operator, “I’m also paying for the car behind me.”
     The new guy was surprised when the operator waved him through without payment. 
     Later at the office, new guy said to my father-in-law, “That was weird. They wouldn’t take money from me on the bridge.”
     “Of course they wouldn’t. It’s Blue Car Tuesday.”
     “Blue Car Tuesday?”
     “Yeah. Blue cars get to cross the bridge for free on Tuesday.”
     A week later both cars crossed the bridge and again my wife’s dad paid for the car behind him. Again the new guy was spared from paying.
     On the third Tuesday, my father-in-law only paid for his car. When new guy sped through without paying he was startled to find motorcycle cops chasing him as if he were Pretty Boy Floyd. He quickly pulled over. 
     I still laugh when I imagine the poor fellow rolling down his window and explaining, “But officers, I don’t need to pay! It’s Blue Car Tuesday.”


  1. That's very unfortunate for the new guy. Blue Car Tuesdays are the best, but not for newbies. Memorize the color coding and make sure blues aren't around when you go beyond the speed limit to avoid circumstances like this.