Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Higher Than A Kite!

     When I create an illustration I’m generally dealing with a topic or motivating concept—often provided by the client. I have a good idea what the picture is going to look like before I start, but paintings are different; they have a way of sneaking out like sneezes or belches or—well, you get the idea.
     This little painting, which I’ve never shown to anyone before, seemed to appear on my canvas from nowhere. I wasn’t thinking about balloons at the time, and the face doesn’t resemble anyone I know, but when I look at this painting I laugh. I’m not sure why. Maybe this is my smirking alter ego, filled with hot air. Does it make you laugh? Or cry? Or feel anything at all?
     Should I go back to my therapist for more electric shocks?


  1. It doesn't make me laugh. Or cry, or feel much of anything. I'm no art critic either. So what do I know. Nothing.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. He sort of resembles James Beard. I love the title "Higher Than A Kite"!

  3. It brings to mind the hot air balloon ride I had with my husband (then fiance). I am certain that the wind in the air and in the balloon were messing with us on our wild ride.

    It is a fantastic image, and I hope that you will feature more of your works here!

  4. No more electric shocks for you... This is great... though I do see a sort of Dr Phil meets Freddie Mercury in their somewhere...

  5. An old bald guy full of hot air. The obvious answer is he's a Washington politician. ;)


  6. Hahahaaa!!! You're too much Stephen! NO, no more electric shock therapy! hahaa As for the painting, it put a smile on my face before I even read your post. "Happiness"