Sunday, November 11, 2012

Peculiar Picture #17

     To my knowledge, this illustration from my royalty free CD Business Fundamentals has never been used. Years ago I sat in my studio imagining what sort of illustrations art directors could use. Altogether, I created sixty images for my CD and I still receive royalty checks. Most of these illustrations have made their way into books and magazines around the world, but this one has yet to be published. Can you think of a purpose for this picture?

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  1. Shipping jobs to another country. Okay, it's early and I've not had enough coffee yet.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. I was thinking the same thing, so I like this one the best!

  2. To me it tells a story of how workers are trying to save the ship of economy from crashing in the waves...but the captain of the ship has to make sure that careless tying of the anchor doesn't swing low and konk us on the head! (Watching too much post-election news.)

  3. I do not know, but I always like to see a man working!

  4. I can imagine that guy crying "Please don't leave me here!"

  5. He works hard for the money. He's not dressed in typical work clothes. More like he's going out. He wants to be sailing on those background boats, but has to take care of business first.

    Glass half full/glass half empty question: is he tying up the ship, or helping it cast off? At first I thought the former. But the more I look at it, he's letting it go. The anchor is up, swinging like it was just lifted. You were being deliberately ambiguous, weren't you?

  6. Ummm- let your money take you places?

  7. Interesting image, is he tying up or casting off? Either way is is freedom......?

  8. I think some company could use it with a headline like "Set sail for financial freedom" or something

  9. i really like your 'peculiar pics'. you have such a great talent. Eva's interpretation is spot on i think. love it

  10. You are one talented man!! He works hard for his money... so hard for it honey... Isn't that a song? Great Picture by the way

  11. I saw it as other countries receiving US aid.

  12. Wouldn't it be suitable for an ad to join the navy?

  13. "Let us help you control your investments, because letting them slide is not an option" something like this for a financial institution of some sort

  14. The significance of Benjamin Franklin's image on the bow could be linked to his invention of segmented and water tight cargo holds in sailing ships. However, his contributions were honoured by having his image on ships and money. The man was multi-talented (Renaissance man) in so many areas. The metaphors could be symbolic of everything he did.

    As for the well-dressed man (cue ZZ-Top), is he preventing or welcoming everything BF did?

  15. Trying to secure the financial ship of state before it sails away to China?
    Either that or something dirty.

  16. This image could easily be used in a newsweek/time magazine article. The story to accompany it would be in support or criticism of the U.S. economy.

    1) boat loads of cash finally returning to U.S. shores.
    2) shipping off the rest of our money to China.
    3) how to navigate through a rocky economic climate.

  17. I can't think of anything so deep as the others have suggested. I didn't think it might represent something dirty til I read Al's comment. But there is rope involved, and he looks rather handsome. Still, Ben Franklin's face would ruin the mood.

    I'm surprised nobody's used this one. It's very good.

  18. It's me, trying to hold on to my paycheck!


  19. I could it used in a book that discusses our trade imbalance with China – our dollars for their good.

  20. Painkillers for a headache? That guy looks about he's gonna get one any second when the anchor drops on to his head.

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