Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Harvey's Flock: Conclusion

Part I of Harvey’s Flock can be found here.

     Harvey owned birds, dozens and dozens of them. He and his dad built an aviary in the corner of their backyard. Inside were parakeets, yellow canaries, flocks of finches and even a pair of lovebirds. Together they created  a symphony of bird song.  Harvey would enter the aviary and stand with his arms outstretched like an oak tree, giggling softly to himself when the birds landed on his arms and shoulders. He claimed to have names for all of them and, at first, I didn’t believe him. But day after day he called individual birds by the same name until I was convinced he wasn’t pulling my leg. Years later in Italy I would see a faded fresco of St. Francis Preaching to the Birds and I’d think of Harvey, recalling what a dumb kid I was to believe rat pee would give me Down Syndrome and turn me into a Harvey...

Check out the conclusion here.

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