Friday, August 23, 2013

Ditched: Conclusion

Part I can be found (here).

I resisted the urge to grab my bike and pedal away as quickly as possible. I’d never seen a dead person, much less the body of someone I cared deeply about, someone like Helen Delgado. I’d practically grown up sitting at her kitchen table, watching her roll tortillas and tamales, mooning over her while she listened patiently to my babbling. I was afraid to walk around the crumpled Mercury, terrified by what I might see, but Ricky was my best friend and I couldn’t abandon him to deal with this on his own. I inched over and stood beside him.

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  1. Poignantly told story. I think it was very mature of you to take the steps you did to access a phone and call for help. It's a big struggle for a child to overcome ingrained rules when circumstances merit.