Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This One Sold #3


This illustration has sold several times and has always been one of my favorites. An art director asked me to paint a picture that illustrated the futility of chasing after money. I immediately thought of one of literature’s most famous lunatics—crazy old Don Quixote—tilting at windmills in the belief that they were evil giants. Quixote believed it was his responsibility to rid the world of them. In my picture I decided to incorporate money into the scene by adding currency to the windmills.
The story of Don Quixote has inspired many artists, none more esteemed than Picasso
who created dozens of paintings based on this fictional Spanish knight. My illustration is included on Business Fundamentals, my royalty free art CD.

Click (here) to see the entire picture. Can you guess what the US Department of Internal Revenue used this picture for?


  1. Although I can't see all the picture (the link isn't working for me), I love the idea of associating Don Quixote with the IRS.

  2. What a great picture. It must be so rewarding to have the painting and drawing skills to be able to get an idea, devise a picture to encapsulate it and THEN PAINT IT. I have the first two skills, mind you. :)

  3. Cool pic. You have some serious talent :)

  4. I love the pic! You have such an imagination. And no, I have no clue what they'd have used it for. I hope you'll spill in your next post. (Didn't you close this particular blog site?)