Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good and Bad News

My dad was a professional mechanic who always kept our cars running like well-oiled clocks. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit Dad’s mechanical ability, which skipped a generation to take root in CJ, our son. CJ is a remarkable mechanic who treats cars the way accomplished musicians treat their instruments. He can diagnose what’s wrong with an engine by listening to cars whizzing past on the highway. He does a great job of keeping our vehicles in proper running order, but he leads a busy life and isn’t always around.

Read (here) what happened when we took our car to a new repair shop.


  1. When I had my first car, a 1964 Ford Falcon, I could do just about any repair needed (and I am not mechanically inclined.) It was simple under the hood. I replaced the starter once, for instance, and had never done anything of that sort before. I bought a used one, unhooked the old one - making sure to note what connected to what - then just inserted the new one and made sure to hook it up correctly. No problem. With all the crap under the hood now, it's near impossible for anyone to do even a simple repair. I couldn't even replace a headlight a few months ago because I would have had to disconnect three or four other things in order to reach it.

  2. KInd of restores one's faith in humanity.