Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Live Christmas Tree

Like many folks I’ve tangoed with the notion of buying a live tree for Christmas. Why kill a tree just to have it in your living room for a few weeks? In 1985 I decided it was time for a live tree, one I could plant in the backyard after the Holidays as a fond reminder of our boy’s fifth Christmas. The living tree I selected did serve as a reminder of that festive day, but not in the way I planned.Check it out (here).


  1. oh man...the tree pinged you one last time in the heart with that ornament...its a touching story....i miss having live trees...after we had the boys we went artificial as we travel to see family over the holidays more now....

  2. Great story! My dad would always load us kids up every year to go find the perfect cedar tree. I know, cedars are not meant to be Christmas trees, but considering they grow EVERYWHERE where I live and they we free in our backyard, a cedar tree it was!

  3. fake trees are in the end less stressful