Friday, December 27, 2013

Brontosaurus Ribs

Years ago shortly after we were married Mrs. Chatterbox decided to roast our first prime rib for Christmas. A few days before the holiday we drove to the grocery store and studied the meat behind the counter while waiting for the butcher to call our number. I'll never forget what happened next. Check it out (here).


  1. he should of gave you guys a heads up before he sent you home the first day. I used to do requests for balloons and people were surprised by how it adds up and how much time it takes to get it ready. A lot of parents were surprised that they couldn't get 50 balloons ready in five minutes for a birthday party at the last minute.

  2. hahaha...that is a riot...and sounds like something i would probably do as
    hey you could have been eating for some time...but without rent
    i dunno where you would put it...