Friday, December 13, 2013

Goosie and Bonkers

 When CJ was five, I took him with me to pick up our dry cleaning. He asked if we could check out the pet store next door. He enjoyed being licked by puppies and kittens when he poked his little fingers into their cages, but the goldfish captured his attention most. Read (here) what happened when two unfortunate goldfish lived with us.



  1. cute story....i have been working on a goldfish tale son was mortifies when his died...and so we had to give it a proper a pill bottle...and i just recently saw the same pill bottle that we buried a couple years ago after some torrential rains...

  2. so many goldfish perish because of the small tanks they often get stuck with. There's isn't enough time for oxygen to re-enter the water and basically the fish breath their supply up faster than it's created. I have a betta fish which can survive in smaller tanks (which is lucky that there also not friendly to other bettas) because in addition to gills they can also breath the air we do. A typical goldfish needs about twenty gallons of water which is many times more than the average "goldfish" bowl.