Monday, March 17, 2014

Thai Contraband

On my first post after returning from vacation I tried to entice you with these words: Had the massive outdoor statue of Buddha spoken he might have warned me that another Buddha would figure more prominently on this trip, forcing a confrontation between me, Mrs. Chatterbox and security in another country, prompting a situation that would send us to a guarded room for a bevy of questions designed to see if we were antiques smugglers, but I’m getting ahead of my story. 

The time has come (as Paul Harvey often said) for the rest of the story. Check it out (here.)


  1. As I mentioned several times about Daisy's Laotian parents, it seems a lot of Buddhists from that region of the world are a bit more conservative than the ones we know here at home.

    Makes me glad to live in America though, where we can go to the point of mocking the majority religion without any fear or punishment.

  2. a ferret crushed in a recliner...eep...that doe snot sound good at all...
    nor a man willing to go for his gun....for your buddha...errr....
    yikes...yeah let it go...