Monday, March 3, 2014

The Kingdom

His name is Bhumibol Adulyadej and his face greeted us minutes after our plane landed in Bangkok. I had no idea he’d be following us throughout our stay in Thailand but on the car ride to our hotel after clearing customs I saw him on virtually every street corner. It would be hard to imagine Queen Elizabeth’s face greeting me on every street corner in the UK. Read more about our trip to Thailand (here).


  1. Before Laos fell to the Reds, they had a King as well. Daisy's family has his picture above the doors in their house. Apparently he keeps away evil spirits/ghosts, I can't help but to laugh at that superstitious non-sense.

    It's not certain what happened to him (I'm thinking something like what happened to Nicholas II) but her mom thinks he's still alive somewhere. Even though he would be at least 100 years old by now.

    I always hate when people worship monarchs for no good reason. I like Elizabeth II because of her merits, not because her dad's dad's dad had a cool mom who's grandpa's dad was descended from a long line of royal families.

  2. some pretty amazing art and architecture...
    i know more of the seedy side of thailand...the bars...i work with a group that has rescued quite a few women from them
    i did not know that on the tats....interesting...