Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I’ve mentioned several times that Mrs. C. is the volunteer coordinator for our local police department. One of her tasks is to arrange for citizens to tour the police department. These tours are extremely popular, especially with seniors, Scouts and special needs groups. Mrs. C. and her volunteers do a stupendous job making these tours interesting, utilizing canine officers and even letting people examine the jail cells, unless they happen to be occupied. But every now and then my wife receives a comment that makes her shake her head. She recently took a call from an angry mom. Read about her conversation (here).

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  1. My 2nd grade teacher had that name lacking the S. My brothers would just giggle and I would have no idea why. Kinda reminds me of kindergarten also as I said the word "rock" and everyone gasped. I had no idea why but years later I assume (because at five my speech skills were terrible) they thought I said the F word. Can't believe most of them knew what it was at that point in life. Sigh.