Monday, July 14, 2014

Cue the Cello Music

I was terrified long before the theater lights dimmed. It was July of 1975 and Mrs. Chatterbox and I, living in West Los Angeles, had come to see the movie Jaws. The theater was packed with enthusiastic movie-goers, here for 124 minutes of terror and gore. Read what happened (here).


  1. I'm not that afraid of sharks, I'd probably panic if I saw one, but I'm not afraid to visit the beach and get in the water (though not deep water). Though imagine if the Megalodon was still around.

  2. JAWS totally got me...too real...

    i was once swimming off the coast of florida...there was a beach where the water was only chest high up to like 40 feet out...and i was out there with my wife and my son (he was 6 months old)...he was floating in a little tube thing and i was diving down and finding treasures to bring up and let him touch...i surfaced once and about 15 feet from us two fins came up....we were so far from shore i figured we were dead...pretty sure i pissed myself...they circled us...and then one came up enough to see it was a dolphin...they swam away and...

    we were done for the day...ha