Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Ultimate Rice Cooker

 My only sibling, an older brother who happens to be a partner for a major Wall Street bank, has always been status conscious. He married the high school prom queen, owns homes in prestigious neighborhoods, drives highly touted luxury cars and only reserves tables at trendy restaurants. When time came for him to acquire a dog he researched the subject and paid top dollar for a golden lab from a well-known breeder. My nieces and nephew named the dog Wilsy. Read about her (here). 



  1. oh my...great first impression eh? ha. wonder if any got on their shoes...yikes...

  2. My dog has done something similar but not nearly as funny. On a walk, she found an old piece of chicken and ate it before I could stop her. About 30 mins later while still walking, she barfs on sidewalk. Wonder what caused that?

  3. Awww. Such a cutie! I wish I could have a dog like her...