Monday, November 24, 2014

The Harrison Stamp Company

Lawyers for the Harrison Stamp Company considered suing me when I was eleven years old, until they tangled with my mother. Read about it (here).


  1. My grandfather collected stamps. Thank goodness he didn't have to deal with a situation like that though. I can't believe they attempted to enter into a contract with children. Crazy.

  2. Funny you mention the American consort for Monaco. I remember reading about her the other week. Daisy is making me watch one of her shows and a character of hers goes through a similar marriage

  3. Sounds like they made the right decision not messing with your mom :)

  4. ha. perry mason was the man...
    you used to see a lot more of those ads...slip of hand ads...promising and then taking...
    most ads like that are gone from comics too...i always wanted the
    x ray glasses....