Monday, December 1, 2014


 It’s been cold and dreary here in Portland, and I’ve been thinking about a wonderfully sunny excursion Mrs. Chatterbox and I took several years ago aboard a special ship with an interesting history. Read about it (here). 



  1. I had never heard of that movie, I hear it's based on a novel though. So many great books are out there for new movies and nobody ever attempts them anymore. But I suppose that's a good thing sometimes. There's always some idiot in hollywood who decides to rewrite most of the story for some stupid reasons.

  2. i would love to be on such a large sailing vessel...i was born a man out of my time for sure...what daring and adventure out on those seas....and hardship surely....i used to sail smaller boats....and i have been on a few this large but never on the open water...