Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An Unholy War: Part Two

Most of the Catholic kids in Killarney Park lost interest in God after their First Communion. The exceptions were those of us who decided to become altar boys. Read about it (here).


  1. "convinced me service to the Church was necessary for God to forgive my eleven years of sinning"

    while I don't really like the theology of Islam either, I heard that most versions of Islam forgive anything done under a certain age. Because kids will be kids.

    I think the only reason infant baptisms were created was because someone mentioned to some church leader that if babies don't believe in Jesus because they can't literally believe in anything, then they won't get into heaven.

    1. and if the Duggar family isn't everyone's motivational TO USE birth control, I don't know what is. The world needs less population growth, not more.

  2. oh dang...this is getting
    having worked in the have to be quite careful with your approach
    on some topics...ha

  3. I have no point of reference. I never knew anything of the Catholicism until I was grown. There no Catholic Churches near where I lived.
    I can't imagine what my mom would have told a preacher who tried that :)
    Very interesting post.