Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Fun Psychology Test

Does this fun psychology test reveal the real you? Check it out (here).



  1. Question #1 Imagine that you’ve just awakened from a deep sleep to find yourself walking on a path in a forest. What time of day is it? noon

    Question #2 While walking on the path in a forest you look down and find a cup partially buried in leaves. Describe the cup and what do you do with it? white cermanic, leave it alone

    Question #3 The path in the forest leads to a body of water. Describe the water and what do you do? little lake, do nothing but look.

    Question #4 After leaving the body of water you continue on the path until you encounter a dwelling. Describe the dwelling and what do you do? a little cabin. look to see if someone is living there and walk away

    Question #5 You continue walking beyond the dwelling until you come to a wall. Describe the wall and what do you do? Thousands of feet tall. Made of ice, magic, and stone. Stand on top of it and poop my pants when I see a giant zombie dragon breath blue fire at it.

  2. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!