Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Situation in Hand

     Was it Rembrandt’s puckish sense of humor, or was there something other than tobacco in his pipe when he created his etching The French Bed? The young lady looks like she’s enjoying the moment, but the young man’s in for a big surprise when he starts counting hands in the bed. Either she’s about to pleasure him in ways normal women can’t, or there’s more than one woman in the bed. Zoom in on the picture below and check it out.     


  1. Steve, you've got to stop looking for physical freakinesses. The Rodin elbow-on-the knee comment forced Don to give it a try, and neither he nor I could see the difficulty, if a person leans forward enough on whatever he is sitting. This observation seems to indicate that you think a wrinkle in a man's blousy shirt is a hand. Wishful thinking, maybe. Jo

  2. Jo: The Rodin pose is not a comfortable way to sit, especially, like I said, if you're chubby and have a big belly in the way. You and Don are extremely fit so I wouldn't have thought you guys would have difficulty assuming this position.

    As for the Rembrandt etching, look more closely. That wrinkle you speak of has five fingers and a shirt cuff around it. Clearly, Rembrandt redrew the hand in a different position and thought it would be funny to leave the original one, which would have been hard to erase on an etching.