Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When Druids Go Wild!

     One of the things I like most about travel is the unexpected effect famous monuments and sights have on me. I go to the Louvre to check out the Mona Lisa and discover that the painting is small and green, quite a disappointment. But other attractions exceed my expectations; the coffee shop on the Louvre's second floor has the best croissants I’ve ever tasted.
     When Sue and I decided to visit Stonehenge we were told by friends and fellow travelers to lower our expectations. “It’s just a circle of stones,” they said, “and it’s smaller than you think.” 
     So I did lower my expectations. Standing in front of Stonehenge, I leaned against a protective fence holding back the crowd and did my best to soak up the experience. Wind swept over the Salisbury Plain and the sky was gray and stormy, a perfect moment for lightning, although there wasn’t any.
     I was prepared for disappointment, but instead I felt a shiver of excitement, a sense that I was looking at more than a curious circle of stones. It was hard to deny the anticipation that something remarkable was about to happen. I was so caught up in the moment that I wasn’t paying attention to the people around me, certainly not the young woman wrapped in a full-length coat, standing beside me. 
     But I did become aware of her when she climbed over the rail, flung off her coat and ran up to the massive stones, where she proceeded to dance with wanton abandon. Aside from the blue paint covering her, she was totally naked. I watched her dance and gyrate until the police hauled her away.
     Like I said, some things exceed your expectations. 


  1. Okay, I'm trying another comment. It is my suspicion that you found this beauteous blue body in your secret files and then wrote the little story about it. A good story. l loved it. JO

  2. wow! can't imagine anyone saying that Stonehenge is just a circle of stones! The first time I was there it was still allowed to walk through and I was overwhelmed by their enormous presence! I love imagining your blue woman dancing!

  3. Oh my. How interesting. I never see crazy stuff like that!