Friday, March 21, 2014

Tonle Sap Lake

 Since I hadn’t given our excursion to Cambodia much thought before departing, I was surprised when Kong, our guide, told us he was taking us on a tour of Tonlé Sap Lake to visit a floating village. I didn’t know what to expect but a boat ride seemed a pleasant way to spend time after a day of scorching heat climbing temples at Angkor Wat. Read (here) about our adventure on the lake.


  1. "Cambodian citizens have no social security to fall back on and this eighty year old woman supported herself by delivering tea and groceries to locals."

    I think this is Paul Ryan's new plan for America. Putting Grandma back to work.

  2. thanks is given for lunch...ha....yikes on swimming with the crocs...that is scary....i wonder too at storm season and what that does with the actually tastes pretty good...