Monday, March 24, 2014


Mrs. Chatterbox and I have toured with busloads of people, but we were surprised when we discovered our trip to Thailand and Cambodia would be different. At three of our destinations (Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Siem Reap)  we would have our own private guides. At first we were hesitant but it worked out wonderfully; our guides were knowledgeable and personalized our excursions. Kong, our Cambodian guide, was exceptional and surprisingly pro America, although we did learned something unsettling about his past. Read about it (here).


  1. wow. if anyone has reason to be angry it is him....i like his attitude though...and looking beyond a moment in time....def something we can learn there...

  2. We actually have a large number of Cambodians in my city. I can see why they wanted to leave and come to America.