Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Phuket Island

Mrs. Chatterbox and I planned our trip to conclude back in Thailand on Phuket Island. We looked forward to unwinding and relaxing on sunny beaches before the grueling trek home. Of course we couldn’t have imagined the entire world would soon be focused on this part of the world due to missing Malaysian flight MH 370. Read about the final excursion of our trip (here).



  1. that's a pretty cool island. Though if someone didn't enjoy their time there they could say "Oh Phuket".

  2. still a cool trip...even if it did not live up to did you ride that ship in the first pic? that would be would be taking the long boat to the summer camp we used to throw jelly fish at each other..crazy huh? they dont sting you in the palm of your hand so you had to scoop them

  3. "Oh Phuket"

    I like that!!

    However, I really LOVE that boat!!!