Friday, March 28, 2014

Writer's Blog Hop

Val the Victorian at Unbagging the Cats is one of my favorite bloggers. She is an excellent writer with a penchant for Jerry Seinfeld and the ability to endlessly amuse me with stories about her high-energy family. Val claims nobody wants to read about hillbillies going about their wacky lives in backroads U.S.A., but she couldn’t be more wrong. She recently participated in a blog hop where she singled me out (along with a few others) and said some very nice things about me. Even if she hadn’t I would encourage you to check out her blog. This blog hop requires me to answer four questions. Read my answers (here).


  1. "wacky lives in backroads U.S.A." sound extremely interesting to me. So I shall take a look-see. ;-)

  2. Like many I always thought about writing novels but never made it far even to a real chapter.

    I'm not really good at thinking up creative fiction. Maybe I should ask the Reaganomics guys for some ideas?

  3. ha. i like that writer block quip at the end....
    i am a story teller at heart as well...telling the stories of those i see along the way
    publishing is not th ebe all end all you know. so...