Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Taking the Plunge

Unlike today, when I was in high school physical education was mandatory. I attended Wilcox High in Santa Clara, California. Santa Clara was also home to the famous Santa Clara Swim Center, where Don Schollander trained for the Olympics, winning a combined five gold medals in Tokyo ’64, and Mexico City ‘68. It’s no exaggeration to say our small city took swimming very seriously. Unfortunately, I was not part of that fine swimming tradition. Read about it (here).


  1. Gym is required in my schools, however you can get away with it by taking JROTC instead. I didn't mind gym in middle school but I did take JROTC. Though if we had a pool I might of changed my mind.

  2. ha. because losing the swimsuit would be about the worst thing i could imagine...ha.
    oy kinda glad we did not have to do that.