Friday, May 9, 2014

Washing and Waxing Mother

These days it takes a shoehorn to get my mother out of her apartment. At eighty-nine, she’s becoming a recluse. Mrs. Chatterbox and I constantly invite her to spend time with us. Mrs. C. tries to coax her by offering to prepare her favorite dishes, and I offer to pick her up at her front door, drive her to our place, hold her arm firmly while escorting her up the six steps to our front door and set her favorite mixed drink in her hand before feeding and returning her home. But nothing ever goes as planned. Read about it (here). 


  1. My mom's mom does a similar thing with her children. Never wants to spend time with them much, though that's usually if she has a boyfriend.

    Speaking of car wash, I think I've only gone through one as well.

  2. Taking your mother to a car wash on Mother's Day is certainly an original idea.

  3. ha i think the car wash holds a bit more magic than an oil change..
    so maybe wash the car again...its good to get her out a bit....
    happy mothers day to yours...