Friday, June 6, 2014

The Biggest Peeve of All

It’s a mouse-size pet peeve, but sometimes it roars within me like a lion. Frequent readers of this blog know I’m often at odds with my eighty-nine year old mother. Mom is not mellowing with age and is feistier than ever. She spends most of her time watching Court TV and putting down the government. When I call, my role is that of a human crossword puzzle, keeping her sharp, even though I become blunt in the process. Ninety-nine percent of the time I call her, but she infrequently dials me. This is where my pet peeve comes in. Check (here) to listen to what these conversations sounds like.


  1. That does seem to be what the very elderly seem to do a lot; complain about the "crumbling of society". No era of history is perfect, but the olden days weren't exactly as pure-hearted as an episode of Leave it to Beaver though they seem to remember it that way.

  2. ha. luckily my mom is not there yet, though i am starting to have to repeat things when she does not hear them...
    pet peeves...people that stop in the merge lane...grates me every day..ha