Friday, July 25, 2014

Land of the Unknown

I’ve stopped watching the news at dinnertime because it’s too disturbing. Mrs. Chatterbox and I have been watching—please don’t judge us too harshly— Family Feud. A recent question asked was : Aside from their cars, what do men value most? The #1 answer was…their tools. Tools aren't my thing, but read what happened when I ventured into a hardware store (here).


  1. I've heard of the snake but never used it

    Also FF is an okay show but Harvey takes it too silly. Richard Dawson is still the best host of that show

  2. Nothing like a great set of tools. That metal snake sounds very useful, in particular ~ Eddie :)

  3. ha. i am not much of a tool man either...and i dont have a snake...though maybe i need to get one....just in case....maybe you will get to use it before too long....ha