Monday, July 28, 2014

The Hoax

This might be the most self-serving post I’ve written. First a confession: I’m really stupid when it comes to math. Back in grade school I was already having trouble when the government forced “New Math” on us so we could compete with the Russians who’d just launched Sputnik, as if Russian children had anything to do with hurling a satellite into space. Check out my philosophy of Math (here).


  1. ha. considering i am a math teacher...well...this is the battle i face every year...convincing my students they need math...
    i will make sure they dont read this...or i will be in trouble...ha

  2. Someone asked me what the universal language was (they were looking for math) and I said love. They did not correct me on that one.

    Though math isn't really universal, at least not in the sense of a language. Most countries would have people who would know what 1, 2, 3, etc mean however that's just because Arabic numerals are simple to learn and most cultures adopted it.

    For example 一二三四五 is not a universal language as you would not know these were the old Japanese numerals (they often use arabic numerals in modern day) unless someone told you.

  3. Lol. I still have nightmares from my math class. Math was really not my strong point.