Friday, August 15, 2014

The Waltzing Bandit

“The Waltzing Bandit? That’s a stupid name for a crook. Did he really steal gold or did he dance for it?”

My best friend Ricky Delgado had a point. It was a stupid name. My mother, the history buff, had been the one to tell me about this Waltzing Bandit.
“She just made it up to send us on a wild goose chase,” Ricky replied, “to get us out of her hair.”

Is that what my mother had done, or was she telling us the truth? Read about it (here).



  1. I think he would have been cooler if he used classic dance to further his bandit ways

  2. ha. seeing the head would have been interesting indeed...
    i spent a good bit of my youth in caves seeking treasure...