Monday, November 18, 2013


This impressionistic oil painting could have been titled Fall, but it’s actually a portrait of my son CJ when he was six or seven years old. As I recall, he wasn’t all that interested in football, and he was even less interested in standing still while I painted him. It’s hard to believe that over twenty-five years have passed since I created this portrait. I remember being irritated when people told me to enjoy our son’s youth because kids grow up so fast; of course this proved to be true. At least I have a dozen paintings of CJ that preserve his childhood. Check (here) to see the entire painting.


  1. I'm new so I didn't know that you were such a good painter. I checked the whole painting and now understand the football reference. What a fine looking youngun he was with a slight mischievous look. .

  2. Me thinks you have a bit of talent. :) It's always a fun surprise to learn more about a blogger.