Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Tale of Two Buddhas

In spite of the fact that Buddha didn’t want anyone worshipping his image, there are too many images of Buddha to count, especially in Thailand. Two of the most famous are in Bangkok. Read about them (here).


  1. ha. the clock...oh my...and you know she will be talking about it til next christmas....smiles...
    some cool buddhas...the emerald one in particular...

  2. As I mentioned before Daisy's family is from Laos and a lot of the people who grew up over there have an obsession with gold/money. Is that very Buddhist?

  3. i have dozens of Buddha statues around my home and garden i'm afraid. they are very beautiful and serene. my friend, who is Buddhist, loves them and always comments. i'm reading Buddhaland Brooklyn atm and it's a lovely read. i really enjoyed the first book by this author about an Indian chef in France. brilliant stuff. i'm am enjoying your travel posts very much. Fran