Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stand All Ye Faithful


First posted 9/30/11

Not long ago I realized a bitter truth; I’d been turning a blind eye to our environmental problems. I did very little recycling and took my gas guzzling car to places I could have, and should have, walked. My studio was downtown and I decided to take the bus to work. Leaving my car in the garage made me feel like part of the solution instead of part of the problem. But riding on the bus presented another problem. My solution might surprise you. Read about it (here).


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    1. You know if you read it, you come to realize that most of the more famous tales (Adam/eve, Noah, Moses) are actually kinda really short.

      I always had a pet peeve for the King James version of the bible. It's almost like a Shakespeare play. You could read the whole thing but never really understand it because it uses an older form of the English language.

  2. Great story! They were afraid you were going to try to convert them. LOL! Love it and I just might try it Stephen.